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Configurar Modem 3g en Ubuntu


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[solved]Import csv - Com-Property Forum

[solved]Import csv - Com-Property Forum: "Hi there, i have been searching and looking at several posts handling with the csv import.

but there is no answer on how to setup the csv file for import.

ist this because no one knows how to? i was able to generate the csv by clicking on the button. but when i click on download i have an empty file. so no clue in which order i have to make a file for import.

has anyone used this import funktion? is the any faq or something?

i would like to give users the permission to bulk upload data, instead of the one by one funktionality...

is there any clue how o make this?

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Software para Centro de Estetica






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Joomla - Akeeba Backup

Componente URL: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/access-a-security/backup/1606?qh=YToxOntpOjA7czo2OiJha2VlYmEiO30%3D

Video tutoriales sobre su funcionamiento

1)How to backup and restore your Joomla site using Akeeba Backup 1/3

2)How to backup and restore your Joomla site using Akeeba Backup 2/3

3) How to backup and restore your Joomla site using Akeeba Backup 3/3

Joomla - Access Control - noixACL

Componente URL: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/access-a-security/backend-a-full-access-control/7010

Video Tutoriales:

1) Introduction and basic installation

2) Basic operation and the content Adapter

3) The infusionsoft-noixACL integration plugin

4) The menu adapter

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Redirección 301

Redirección 301: "Mediante RedirectMatch 301 (módulo 'mod_alias' de Apache)"